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Text links are easy to read.. Below is a list of awesome blogs that I've followed..and your blogs are next!

If you're interested in exchanging links with me (in this blog), feel free to place my blog banner or text link (get the codes below) at any part of your blogs (a required step). Once you have placed it, please notify or contact me either via Twitter (), or email me at or just leave your message in the comment section below or in the chatbox on the sidebar. Then, I will immediately place your banners or text links of your blogs in this page. Please make sure your banner doesn't exceed 125x125 in width and height, the file size doesn't exceed 10 KB (or at least), must be either in PNG, JPEG, GIF or Flash file format, and most importantly, it is hosted at any image hosting service with unlimited bandwidth. What's more, it's FREE! So, what are you waiting for, apply now! =)

The format of your message should be like (just an example):

  • Blog's name: acaPAWN7/blog
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  • Banner (if any):
  • Description: Not just another typical Acap

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