On Jan 14th (last Thursday), a Nokia Music Explorers event was held at Royale Bintang Hotel, Mutiara Damansara (next to the Curve). 50 lucky winners (included me as well) were invited to the event, hosted by Text 100 and Nokia Malaysia.

I reached at the hotel around 6.30pm after I parked my car at the Curve's parking lot. It was still early, so I spent my time wandering around the Curve and IKEA. Around 7pm, I registered myself at the booth outside of the Tiara Rini Ballroom. I was welcomed by Libby and she assigned me to table number 3.

After we were introduced by the fellow staff, the event was kicked off with a buffet dinner before the briefing and interactive session starts. We were served and filled up our stomachs with a variety of delicious food, from... Ok, enough talking about the food. =P

After we had our meals, then we were briefed about the "yet-to-be-released" Nokia Comes With Music service and the "most anticipated" Nokia X6 devices. The explanation covered from the registration steps, navigating the Nokia OVI player and also about the Nokia X6. This service allows you to download millions of songs (which unlimited access, by the way) within a year subscription.

Actually, we were only interested in getting our hands with the Nokia X6 device itself. Then later on, after the demos, each of us was distributed with a blue Nokia bag. It was the most exciting part of the event, as everybody unboxed it with a smiling face. :)

Click for a bigger view

What's in the box? Well, basically you can find it here (am I just too lazy to list down everything, eh? =P). But, the coolest thing (aside from the Nokia X6) is the Nokia Stereo Headset (WH-500) and it comes with its own pouch. Plus, the keychain is cute too.

Oh, I talked so much already, haha.. But nevermind, later on, we registered our Comes With Music accounts by scratching the activation PIN from the Comes With Music card and entering the unveiled PIN code during the registration process from the Nokia X6 devices. We were given access to the hotel's WiFi services and managed to get ourselves registered and activated successfully to the Nokia Comes With Music. Woot!

To be continued (I was so sleepy, so goodnight!).... =_="