Hurray! Ovi Maps Racing game is now available at Ovi Store and it is FREE for a limited time only. Combined from the Ovi Maps, GPS location and car racing games, this game brings you unique gaming plus driving experiences!

Based from your GPS of your Nokia devices, you can access your locations, create or customize tracks, and race around your neighborhood. Also, you can race any world tracks that have been created. Cool, heh? ;D

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You can get Ovi Maps Racing game for your Nokia devices for FREE at Ovi Store or you can download it directly from the Ovi Store application at your Nokia devices. Remember, this game is DOWNLOADABLE for FREE as a LIMITED OFFER!

Personally, I think Ovi Maps Racing is the coolest car racing game I ever played (yet) on Nokia devices. The controllers were a bit difficult for the first time, because the maps won't rotate while driving your cars. The graphics are smooth (except it's a bit pixelated, due to low resolution?) and I love the sliding effects when browsing the menus.

This game is still new and I'm looking forward for future improvement. Please enjoy the video and screenshots below:

Game mode: Choose either online or offline mode

Main Menu

1st car: Kenbishi R45GT

2nd car: Mancini 395 Coupe

3rd car: Stallion SRS

Create pathways for your tracks

Source: Nokia Conversations