Funny commercials

Sharing some funny commercial ads about body wash, for MAN! LOL :P

How to create Static Pages in Blogger

Finally Blogger has launched the Blogger Pages feature. This cool feature allows you to publish any static information on standalone pages that can be linked to/from your blogs.

Ovi Maps Racing - Race Around Your Block

Hurray! Ovi Maps Racing game is now available at Ovi Store and it is FREE for a limited time only. Combined from the Ovi Maps, GPS location and car racing games, this game brings you unique gaming plus driving experiences!

Another firmware update v12.0.091 for Nokia X6

Back few days ago (err, I mean 30th Jan, specifically), firmware v12.0.088 was released for Nokia X6. Yesterday, my NSU application (screenshot after the break) displayed a new firmware update v12.0.091. Perhaps there is a minor update from the previous version v12.0.088. And later this morning, my Nokia X6 is now updated with the new firmware update v12.0.091.