Setelah Setahun Bersama Twitter

Gedebak gedebuk, hari ni (30 Julai 2010) genaplah setahun aku menggunakan account Twitter. Wah, Selamat Hari Jadi diucapkan kepada (apeda wish kat diri sendiri)! Hehe jangan takut, aku tak gila lagi. Sebenarnya ni adalah account Twitter aku yang kedua. First account? Aku memang dah tak ingat account yang pertama dulu, pernah register pada tahun 2007. Masa tu sengaja je nak cuba² laman sosial Twitter, tapi tak aktif langsung. Sebab tak ramai kawan (atau memang takde kot masa tu), huhu. Sampailah aku lupa terus apa ID

Nokia X6 gets a firmware update to v21.0.004

Yes, finally the Nokia X6 device gets a new firmware update to version 21.0.004 (the previous firmware update was v20.0.005, on 24 March 2010). This update was released yesterday (on 9 July 2010) by Nokia and it applies also to the Nokia X3 device. You can now update both of the Nokia X6/X3 devices with the new firmware either via OTA (Over The Air, dial *#0000#), or via Nokia Software Updater (get the installer here) or OVI Suite (get the installer here) on your PC. The changelog of the new firmware v21.0.004 is available after the break.

The new Blogger Stats

Statistic, or stats, is one of the important elements for blogs, that provides answers about who is reading your blogs, what are your most popular contents, how do visitors find your blogs and others. Bloggers often tend to use the third-party web analytic software, such as Google Analytics, Sitemeter and Statcounter. But, there are still some drawbacks, like late update, stats are not accurate and etc. Well, there is a good news for you today. Yesterday, Google has introduced a new Blogger Stat, which is a built-in stats tool for your Blogger blogs.