While connecting my Nokia X6 device to my laptop, the NSU (Nokia Software Updater) application via PC Suite displays a new software update. (FYI, this device was launched officially to the public in Malaysia yesterday, check out details about the event here. But, I got this device about 2 weeks before the launch party and what's more, I got it for FREE! How? Check out my previous post.)

My current firmware version is 11.0.077, while the new firmware update is 12.0.088.

Below is the screenshot that I get from the NSU application (click image for bigger view):

Thanks to @Davidlian, he tweeted about the availability of the new firmware update via Twitter:

Check out this source as well (click image for bigger view):

I cannot get any information about this firmware update at the moment (as usual, lah?). I will post about it later. Please comment if you have tried to update or get any information of the related firmware update. Thank you for reading!