Statistic, or stats, is one of the important elements for blogs, that provides answers about who is reading your blogs, what are your most popular contents, how do visitors find your blogs and others. Bloggers often tend to use the third-party web analytic software, such as Google Analytics, Sitemeter and Statcounter. But, there are still some drawbacks, like late update, stats are not accurate and etc. Well, there is a good news for you today. Yesterday, Google has introduced a new Blogger Stat, which is a built-in stats tool for your Blogger blogs.

The cool thing about this "Blogger Stat" feature is that it requires no installation or configuration or embedding any codes on your blogs. You can access it from your blogs, simply just login to your Blogger in Draft account, and from your Dashboard, click the Stats link.

Besides monitoring and analyzing your visitor traffic in near-real-time, you can also see which posts are getting the most visits and which sites are sending traffic to your blog right now. The traffic data across longer time periods (either by day, week or even month) and all-time historical data are made available as well.

From the screenshot above, the overall graphical user interface is a lot simpler and easier to understand than that of Google Analytics. Other data are also being tracked, such as popular search keywords that send visitors to your blogs, which countries they come from, and which web browsers they are using.

As quoted in their post:

For example, if a reader shares one of your blog posts on Twitter and the post is getting lots of clicks, you will see a traffic increase in Blogger Stats almost instantly, with the particular Tweet mentioning your post being identified as the traffic source.

In the Stats tab (as in screenshot above), you can view all stats and data that are ranked by number of pageviews and segregated by:
1. Overview - which provides the overall info and summary about your blog stats.
2. Posts - which blog posts are getting the most visits.
3. Traffic Sources - which URLs and sites are your blogs being referred to.
4. Audience - the visitors, by which countries, web browsers, and what Operating Systems they're using.

Again, you are not required to sign up for another service, or even embed any code in your blog gadgets, since the Blogger Stats tool is a part of Blogger platform. It is informed that the statistics of the pageview data in Blogger Stats and in Google Analytics may not be identical, because both use completely different collection mechanisms. If you still want to use the Google Analytics service, check out this Help Centre article. Also, please take note that private blogs are NOT supported by this feature.

You can also save the Stats link (from your Dashboard) as a bookmark at your web browsers, so that you can view them later without accessing your Dashboard page again. All I can say is, thank you so much GOOGLE!

Source: Blogger in Draft: Introducing Blogger Stats

PS: Now I got reason why I should remove the Feedjit widget from my blog, which sometimes it caused heavy load to my blog. :P