Yes, finally the Nokia X6 device gets a new firmware update to version 21.0.004 (the previous firmware update was v20.0.005, on 24 March 2010). This update was released yesterday (on 9 July 2010) by Nokia and it applies also to the Nokia X3 device. You can now update both of the Nokia X6/X3 devices with the new firmware either via OTA (Over The Air, dial *#0000#), or via Nokia Software Updater (get the installer here) or OVI Suite (get the installer here) on your PC. The changelog of the new firmware v21.0.004 is available after the break.

The changelog of Nokia X6/X3:

  • Improves Kinetic scrolling in Appshell – Menu grid added
  • New Browser version updated to v7.2
  • Rihanna service launcher
  • Quick Office v4.2
  • OVI Sync v2.0
  • OVI Store v1.5.6
  • OVI Contacts v1.50.8
  • Gimlet Touch v2.2 - Not sure what app is this, Mail for Exchange, perhaps?
  • Flash Video Phase-3 – Flashlite v3.1.7.x
  • Shazam (updated)
  • Enable Side lock Key functionality during Swipe UI (Calendar/Clock alarm)
  • Windows 7 Device Stage Support

Quoted by Mobile Knots:

This firmware upgrade comes with updated versions of several applications such as Browser, Mail for Exchange, and Shazam etc. for Nokia X6. Whereas Nokia X3 gets improved battery charging notification and ring and alert tones. Also it is now easier to register your device with Nokia’s Ovi Music Unlimited (previously known as Comes With Music) using pinless activation. Apart from that, it also comes with many usability improvements and regular bugfixes in video calling.

But before you start the updating process, it is highly recommended that you have backed-up all of your personal data in your phone, in order to prevent any accidental loss. Use backup tools, either from the Nokia Software Updater or OVI Suite. During the backup process, please do not use your phone and make sure the battery is fully charged.

I believe this is the fourth firmware update for Nokia X6 device. You can discuss about the new firmware at Daily Mobile forum.

Credits to Mobile Knots and Symbian Tweet.

P/S: Gonna update my X6 tonight! :D